Experience Tables

Here are the experience gains from the games and the dates upon which they were collected. This will be updated regularly which is why it will remain on the front page of the wiki and the Front page as well.

June 4th: Character Creation – 0 EXP

June 11th: The Quickfingers Taverna – 450 EXP

June 25th: Steering Fate – 250 EXP

July 2nd: The First Adventure on the Books – 590 EXP

July 9th: The Adventure Continues – 505 EXP

July 16th: A Whole New “Guild” World – 1200 EXP

July 23rd: Journey to the Abbey at Castlebury – 950 EXP

July 30th: Lost in the Woods – 600 EXP

August 6th: Not Out of the Woods Yet – 1,200 EXP

August 13th: A New Quest – 1,050 exp

August 27th: Another Failed Attempt – 865 exp

September 3rd: A Murder Most Foul – ???

September 10th: The An’alfa Slam Shuffle or Lexicon Lexography – ???

September 24th: The House on the Hill – 2,350 exp

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Experience Tables

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