The Nexus of All Worlds

When O'er the Foundation Cracks
Gray is not a relate-able color...

Leaving the strange desert temple in which they found a daemon to remove the geas, they stand in the desert, confronted by a difficult choice. The horizon is being eaten up by an epic sand storm, namely a Wild Magic Khamsin known as a Mana-Storm. It was mounting over 170 kilometers per hour and gaining on the adventurer’s fast. Cesa Mada gave them two options. Either they could wait in the temple for the storm to pass, and they would not know how long that could take, or they could brave the storm itself.

The adventurer’s chose to brave the storm. Tying themselves together, they refused to be separated. Cesa gave each of the adventurer’s a null magic stone that would be able to protect them from the storm, but the storm did not react that way. Instead, it blew them all into unconsciousness.

The first to wake was Selene. She found herself in an unforgiving reality of darkness and stone. The sky was a strange tinge, and all that was there was a single mountain in the distance. She began heading there. At the same time, Elrohir also woke up, heading his way towards the same mountain. Kurdac and Draeden did not fare so well however, they too woke up, but in cages above a strange swirling put that look oddly like the Khamsin that had brought them here, with nary an idea of how they got there. Kurdac enacted an escape with only rope, and a bag of tangle-foot. Swinging violently out of his cage, he managed to break it open by slamming it into a wall. Dreaden managed to get out by using acid on the bard and almost fell in.

They manage to get out and make their way down a hall only to bump into Darr who had also been transported to a strange room filled with strange symbols he could not read. He managed to find the others and they wound up in what appeared to be a throne room of a large giant.

Selene met up with Elrohir and using a spell, transformed into a creature that she had seen in the sky earlier on. She picked up Elrohir and they flew towards the the spike in the center of the land they were in.

The other three were not in a good place however. A group of Iron Bound Harpies appeared and attacked. Attacking the party, they almost destroyed them. The adventurers were almost taken in by the Lead Harpy who seemed to have the ability to Spell-thilch. Taking spells from the sorcerer and casting them back at the party. They defeated her and a secret was revealed as to where they actually where. The whole place was wrong and seemed off.

Searching around there, there was a strange plinth which turned out to be a summoning stone. All the adventurers except for Kurdac use their blood to try to activate the Portal Stone. Kurdac uses his knowledge of basket weaving to draw a star to connect all the pillars that were there. The Portal Stone activated and sent them all home back to Madaagonn – no rhyme or reason as to why though.

Upon returning to the palace, the Vizir is glad to see them, but is worried about the two weeks that had passed. The adventurers shrug off the lost time and determine that they need to continue on to where they need to find their quest nest. As a favor, the Šahrbânu asks the adventurers to help with a problem that they partially created. Not knowingly, she asks them to help in getting supplies to cure the plague that has spread to their town due to the cultist machinations – that is, the large explosion that occurred when the Cult of Vanity was destroyed.

Due to the scrolls that were found, they could not have anything imported in. As a mater of fact, Alzamai already had forces in place of the trade routes to prevent any of Madaagonn’s trade from going through. The Šahrbânu asks the adventurers to go to either Manrek, or to go to Alorion-on-Firron to get the medical supplies and to bring it back for them. She promised to pay handsomely – will they take her up on her offer?

The Sound of Sand and Silence
Desert temples in the middle of nowhere are always the best...

The adventures are greeted by the vizier after helping to save the kingdom, only to ask her is she knows of someone who can help them in getting rid of the geas that is plaguing Elrohir. They have heard of a single person known as Cesa Mada and wish her to be summoned. The Vizier is more than happy to do so. They send off for the components to do so, which turns out to be a skeleton. The skeleton is thrown upon a brasure in the throne room and it stands up and gets up, slowly coming to life, from sinew and flesh until it becomes the Desert Druid Cesa Mada herself.

The adventuere’s ask for the geas to be lifted, and so Cesa summons her staff, which turns out to be teh resting place for her familiar, a foul mouthed smoke mephit. The creature says that he can do it, but only if something is given. Elrohir offers his Peral of Power in exchange. The mephit goes to removei it and lays his hands on teh sigil only to be blasted and forcibly returned to the Plane of of Smoke. When he is eventually able to come back, he then offered to take teh adventuers into teh desert. There, within the sand, is the one demon who would be able to remove it.

They wait till the next rrday before agreeing – upon which the druid and her familar dimension door themselves to a strange temple in teh middle of the desert. withinm a hallway leads both right and left. Going right, they find that htere is a door taht would only open with “The Blood of Those who come Before”. going down the other way, they bump into two Kopesh Scorpion that are hiding amongst the rubble. After defeating them, they find a hole in the back wall where they find a set of caverns. Wanderign around into the back of the caverns, they find the “Font of Blood” a tall Sangrite Crystaline structure at least 40 feet tall.

In an effort to try to get some, Kurdak usses a pot to try to break some off, he winds up bending the pot. Without a second thought, Dreaden casts mend on teh pot, only to realize afterwards that the sangrite affects all magic being cast in the area. Kurdac’s pot grows grass. As kurdack bangs the pan agisnt the sangrite, he winds up summoning a handful of Sauhagan. They just barely manage to stave off them killing everyone, but more magic kills almost three quarters of teh many fish-men tha twere summoned. The others flee without too much more of a fight, but teh adventurere’s do manage to find a single peice of sangrite to use agaisnt the other door.

AT teh locked door, the door consumes hthe sangrite, reavealinga “deamon” within. The demon, speaking to all of their midns, tells them that he can indeed remove teh geas, but that he has to have everyone’s permision as the lexography that makes the geas is intertwining with everyone else’s codicies. It takes a moemnt, but soon everyone agrees. Teh demon reaches into everyone’s codicies and pulls the geas and it’s tendrills out. The strange grey clad demon then tells them all to move on their way.

What awaits them now that they have to leave?

When Joining a Cult isn't Enough...
People do shady things in shady basements...

Joining a cult is always an iffy situation. When it came to Joining the Cult of Vanity, it turned out that Draeden and Daar were suited for it. Upon entering the building and heading down into the main hidden hall, they were given masks to hide their identity and to meet with the Guildmaster – who neither could figure to be male or female, completely androgynous. Upon sealing a pact with a Pact stone in a main room covered in blood, they were shown vials of Quintessence – the distilled essence of Mages and the blood of Casinnian Doppelgangers. They also met with the cult’s Alchemist and were forced to see the many Mages below and help keep them stable so that they could be drained a little longer.

Coming in behind them, Selene, Elrohir, and Kurdac infiltrated the underground lair and tried to blend in as well. They too joined and made a vow on the pact stone. For Kurdac, it glowed quite brightly. When left alone however, Kurdac and Selene quickly began to get rid of cultists that were praying around the Pact stone. A brilliant flash of light and the chance for bringing Siren back was destroyed. The guild hall was thrown in disarray. In an effort to find more secrets, Elrohir forced his wand of Knock to open a door by expending more charges in the wand into the door. As he did so, the door flew off it’s hinges, directly into the Mage Quintessence that was on the wall, causing an explosion. The adventurer’s, whom had been battling out of the other cultists and destroying them, manage to get out of the Diamond Emporium that the cultists were meeting under, and also out of the Gold Coin District, however, the explosion of quintessence is larger than they thought.

Working off of information that they garnered while within the confines of the Cult’s hideout, they rush to the palace, not only to outpace the chaos magic laden explosion, but to try to save the Queen. It turns out the cult was going to kill her that night! Reaching the palace, they wind up fighting their way through the palace to the throne room, only to find Cultists in between them and a familiar face holding the Queen hostage.

Jessica, the Casinnian Doppelganger whom the party had encountered twice and thwarted once, also the woman responsible for the Araunya de Cyesmengro’s assassination, was the one who had been paid by the cult to do it.

The fight was long and the party was all but decimated several times, however, the adventurer’s came out on top and killed what appeared to be all of the remainder of the cult in the throne room and prevented a coup of epic proportions. Jessica tried to leave a parting gift by killing the Queen anyway, but using the herbalists skill he knew and the supplies from their previous trip to meet one of the Cult’s own herbalists, Daar managed to keep the Queen in stasis long enough from someone to get a Priest of Ingerimm in to heal her.

Now the Sands of the desert shifts… What could be in store next for our travelers?

Rolling into the Gold Coin District

The large chest was something more than just a bunch of dirty old scrolls. It turned out that the scrolls were a large amount of ancient trade agreements that were from when Alzami was larger and still in control of what is now Madaagonn.

During a particularly large dinner party in which several diplomats were involved, the word came out and they were told that Madaagonn would have to give up their rights to certain trade routes because of the paperwork that was within the chest that the adventurer’s found in their first adventure.

There was a large argument about who owned what only for it to come back that there had been a rather large assassination attempt on the Matriarch o the country of Madaagonn. The plot was squarely placed on the back of the Alzami Trade Prince Nysir.

It would only get worse from there.

It would soon be also realized that a Wizard from the Alteration college in Soricelli came in and also committed an act of terrorism on the same day that the queen was to be assassinated. He took a blue vial, and all but annihilated everyone inside of the most elite merchant district in the city of Al’drenn – The Gold Coin District. The whole of the district was placed under magical quarantine. No one would be able to enter or leave. All those within the district would have to say and those who were wanting to enter would be magically misdirected somewhere else.

The adventurer’s asked to see the bodies of the assassins and were surprised when they discovered that the assassins were in fact Casinnian doppelgangers. Even more disturbing, the doppelgangers had tattoos marking their allegiance to the Cult of Vanity and even then they also had Void Stones inside of them. The alert was put out, and the information taken back the the Queen of Madaagonn’s Vizier. In order to prove themselves not Cassinian’s themselves, they cut themselves.

Everyone cut themselves, the Vizier and even the royal guards inside of the main thrown room. The only person who did not want to was the Vizier’s servant and Secretary Altairis. The Vizier walked up to her and with a deft flick of her wrist, slit the secretary’s throat and confirmed that as she bled the common silver from within her and liquefied downwards, that she was a Cassinian herself. the Vizier, concerned about this – let the adventurer’s in on a state secret. The queen whom they had been speaking with was in fact a double, made so with magic to look like the queen would in several years – the Queen of Madaagonn was actually a girl of some 10 years. They didn’t want the throne to be taken from her and so, they came up with this ruse.

The Queen and the Vizier allowed for the adventurer’s to try to clear the name of the Alzamai Diplomats, but they were not sure what would happen next.

Selene was deputized by the Queen and they then went to go inspect the Gold Coin District to see what was going on. Upon entering, a heavily armed guard presence could be found within the district. Looking around, they realized that nothing had been looted, but everything was still in the same place. When told of the symptoms of what the people inside affected by the strange bomb, the adventurers were reminded of the Plague that had hit Castlebury. It sounded almost exactly alike. when they tried to cast magic within the quarantined area, they also realized that they were within a magical chaotic void where the fabric of magic had been rent apart. While within the district, they were attacked by cultists of the Cult of Vanity

The clues were starting to add up, and not in a happy manner either. Soon Daar and Kurdac wander off in order to find some ingredients to help with the scourge as they had remembered what was in Alveres’ recipe, only to find that the woman they were asking for ingredients from was actually one of the Cultists!

Upon asking about the “Entropic Heat death of the Universe”, they managed to dazzle and inveigle their way into the older woman’s good graces and as such, were invited to a cult meeting within the Gold Coin District. The others followed into the district to watch as well… What could happen next?

Into the Desert
A long day's journey into night...

The caravan is on it’s way to the capitol of Madaagonn, Al’drenn. The desert is fraught with peril however. The four days in the desert will be dangerous more than like, but the bigger problem might be her Imperial Šahrbânu Ahlaz Khisa. Could the Matriarch be on the side of the adventurers, or will the new lands prove the “Sand Doom” of the whole party and the conquest beginnings of Alizami?

After the attack from the first night, the adventurer’s are trying to be a little more careful when they are attacked by Stymphalides Swarms – a whole host to be honest. They manage to get thought them, however, a few hours later, they came upon a basilisk. Kurdac, using his wild empathy, manages to get the Basilisk to go away without a single fight – he also manages to avoid being turned into stone.

The party manages to arrive in the capitol city of Madaagonn, Al’drenn, without any more incidents. They are ushered into the city with minimal fuss and manage to make it to the Castle. however, as night is approaching, they are offered a place to stay within the castle – given that they are considered emissaries from Alazami. It appears that they are there just in time for a small summit between Madaagonn’s empress and several other countries. Upon delivering the large chest, they discover that it has the Royal Seal of the Emperor of Alzami. Upon opening the chest, it turns out that the chest is filled with scrolls. The scrolls are in fact the ones that were found when the adventurers explored the old outpost just outside of Razjin on the coast.

Inside of the scrolls are ancient pacts on what are trade routes were when Madaagonn was still a part of Alzami before the Brother’s war. It makes it difficult for the others to be able to continue with the conversations that were being held on trade agreements. The scrolls as a matter of fact, take out almost three quarters of the current Madaagonn trade routes and show that they should all belong to Alzami.

The Empire of Alzami states that in a letter, they would not take kindly to the usage of the trade routes and that they are putting people to protect them from Madaagonn influence.

At this point, the Vizier of Madaagonn points to the adventurers and then accuses them of Treason, treachery, as well as being responsible for the assassination attempts on the Šahrbânu.

The discussion is hot and heated and soon everyone is tild to leave. When it comes to the adventurers they try to plead their case. It is soon discovered that the people who were going to assassinate the queen seemed to know something about the Šahrbânu that even the adventurers did not know. It turned out that she was actually only a 12 year old girl and that the person that hey were looking at was the Šahrbânu’s stand in.

Questions soon begin to mount as the continue asking. Soon, they find out that ta plague, much like the one in Castleburry appeared in the Coin District 40 days ago. It was not spreading, but it was virulent enough that the Gold Coin District needed to be quarantined.

They also find out that the assassins were Cassinian Doppelgangers. They do a vivisection of the bodies and remember that they have silver blood, but they also find that there are void stones on the inside of the bodies. Soon they determine that it would be easy to see if anyone else is within the castle who could be a danger by cutting themselves. It all comes down to the end and only the people in the throne room are left including the adventures.

In an effort to prove that she is not a doppelganger, the Vizier slashes her own arm. When her secretary Asthellus, refuses to do it, the Vizier cuts the woman;s throat in front of everyone, proving that she was indeed a Cassinian doppelganger as well.

The adventurers also seem to have to prove themselves as well. When Kurdac seems to wiffel-waffel, Selene stabs his hand with a dagger. He somehow manages not to change. The Šahrbânu agrees along with the Vizier to allow the group to look around the Gold Coin District to see what was happening. Selene would get deputized at the Local Adventurer’s Guild and the other would help. In the meantime, until they could prove it otherwise, the Trade Prince would be held hostage at the castle.

The Caravan of Dreams

The adventurers decide that it is time to discover what the glyph on their fellow travelers is and after some down time in the city of Razjin – must travel to the ancient sands of Madaagonn. Using her contacts, Selene has proffered an airship from the trade prince, to deliver documentation of old trade routes that belong to Alzami and their current Emperor. How well will Madaagonn’s matriarchal rulers take this?

The Path Forward

The manor of Haukke and the manor of Ana have been cleared out. The fact that a strange ghost and a outsider creature we’re the parties responsible is both strange and off putting. The large Heartstone crystal is also a mystery. The adventurers decide to return to the City of the Gods, Razjin, in order to regroup. Perhaps there is someone who can shed some light upon this strange question that still plagues the party – what on earth is with this strange Lexigraphical sigil of Vanity? Several clues and signs point to the desert sands, but is it Madaagonn, or is it Alzami? Also, why does the sorceresses Siren keep getting mentioned?

There is still much to learn.

What She Keeps in the Cellar
If there are that many keys, you need to stay out.

The adventurers find themselves a little off center when they search for the second key. Finding a chest that is not a mimic this time, they open it up and find themselves a strange bottle that does not seem to open. They also find a number of unopened containers of beauty supplies that are more current than the others – They stink of Necromancy though.

Taking the second key, they inserted both keys into the Locks on the Ivy Door, only to find that they have done it wrong and they set off a trap! Fog spills through the entirety of the hall and all the doors shut as a Wraith approaches the adventures and attacks!

They barely make it past it with their lives and switch the keys to open the basement down below. Entering the basement, they find a large cavernous basement with what appears to be a large square with several rooms. They also notice a large golden door which seems to have six key locks in it.

Following the hallway around, they discover a rather insidious trap – A stone that looks like it would be the trap, the way around it is actually the trap. It allows for scythes to swing out along all of the hallways. They find a room in front of the trap and enter it, locating the fact that it is a rather large torture room. A secret switch on a table in the room leads them to a large secret room in which hundreds of jars of specimens are being hidden. They leave, only to upset somehow a Blood elemental. A hard won battle, including a summoned fire elemental by Elrohir saves the day.

Afterwards, they locate another room with a large coffin and another set of journals and more books on beauty remain. Among them, a strange book that talks about the lengths that are gone along to make sure that the Lady of the House can remain beautiful and be cured of her strange ills.

Within the stone sarcophagus, there is yet another passageway down into the dark, not lit by mage globes. They decided to hide within the torture room and recover, but are spooked by a Haunt in the hallways…

What lies within the darkness below the basement?

The House on the Hill
This place is more than Haunted...

Taking Garland Thancred’s advice as a former Golem Crafter of the Black Gem Society – The adventurer’s wind up going straight to Haukke Manor. Garland took out all of the remaining servants who were willing and then waiting at the small Adventurer’s Guild.

They entered the House on the Hill. In the Foyer, they are attacked by a statue of the Goddess Tanis Firehair. Oddly enough, Selene who was inside of the dining room, could not hear the battles in the Foyer. Inside of the Dining Room, there was indeed a large set of double doors that were there, magically locked. While inspecting them, Miniri and Kurdac wandered off.

Finding a library, they also encounter a maid. However, the maid is not a maid. She is some sort of marionette and it is not long until she is dispatched too. They continue to search the house.

Draeden, Rexm and Selene realize that they need candles to open the doors. They then realized that the others were missing. Miniri and Kurdac find a conservatory – albiet with no windows – and unfortunatly they also find a Mimic. The mimic is dispatched, but next to it, there was another room. Within the room was a summoning sigil which thorugh her inisistance, Miniri sets off – summoning another creature which may or may not have been a Void Succubus…

… More strange maids and the candles are found. The doors open and then lead to a agolden ivy encrusted hallway. Discoverign the kitchen, they wind up fighting more maids and a Knife golem for the first key to what appears a nother locked door.

What will they find on the other side of the hallways – much less in the cellars?

A Brand New Friend
Draeden joins the adventurers!

The adventure continues!!

Sorry, they don’t let us access facebook very much from work anymore. Had to wait till I got home to post this -

The Adventurer’s have made it to Al’anfa to give the halflings sister the large box, but evil seems to be afoot within the mansion on teh hill! Terrors in teh night, dead bodies, mysterious masked and cloaked figures and a Mistress who is out for blood and her butler is too old to do it for her…

…What will happen next?!


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