The Nexus of All Worlds

Another Failed Attempt
Everyone wants to kill everyone...

It turns out that when the temples plan something, it still continues. The Grande Fete at the Temple of Aoi was still going to happen. The fighting that had taken place on the city walls were chalked up to ballast being improperly released for all the stones that fell from the sky – not the mage casting spells. While the original three that were on the battlements were given tickets to the fete, the others had to find ways in. Lucius wound up getting a ticket from the Pain Priest that they had traveled with, even though Alveris did really want to go with Rex. Rex instead signed a contract with Alice, the pickpocket that they had met while looking into the lost item for Sceithu. She also had a job and wished for help and Rex gave it gladly. Miniri wound up getting in with help from a troupe of troubadours who were going to preform at the fete.

The stage was all set, and everyone had different information, but the information all led to two things – someone was going to die, and it was more than likely going to be at the hands of a Cassinian Doppelganger Assassin.

While staying inside, and hoping that there would be an easy night of it – all hell breaks loose. The Cassian Emissary is stabbed in the middle of the performance that Miniri is a part of, Rex is accosted by “Sylvia” a young kitchen urchin who turns out to be one of the two assassins that were on the site. The dagger that the emissary is stabbed with turns out to be a cursed sleeping dagger. She is not really dead, but “Sylvia” breaks back into the fete and kills the Araunya de Cyesmengri. The adventurers destroy her and one of her doubles gets away, but they are met with a more disturbing sight – the Lady Jayne Smythe is there the most dread Pirate the skies have ever seen!

What will happen next?

A New Quest
Airships Unlocked!

An Airship Festival was to occur within the city proper! Elrohir went to the temple of Mystheria to determine what the mark that has been branded on him was. A dwarven mage mage was able to tell him that the mark stunk of Chaos, but was unable to tell him more. He sent the adventurer’s to the Knowledge District to another person who would be able to determine what the geas was, but she also was not able to be of more help than the vague utterance of going to Madaagonn. In exchange for services, she asked the adventurer’s to deliver a stone casing to her sister in another city. In the meantime, Selene went to the Trade Prince, to perhaps gain the carriage she was hoping for, but wound up with so much more.

All but ensnaring the prince with her otherworldly outsider charm, he asked her and her friends to come to the Airship festival to celebrate Razjin’s first ever airship dock. She accepted for the party and also went as the Prince’s plus one. Attire was provided for in the affair and also tickets to the Grande Fete that was to be held in the temple of Aoi later that very same evening of the Festival. It turns out that the Al’Hakim consortium would be providing the airships that would be coming in – all 30 of them. His brother would be in the lead airship and the Prince was honored to have the adventurer’s with him to greet his brother.

When the festival is in full swing, the airship come through – including the dreadnought class ship that was the darling of the fleet. When his brother lands however, all is not well as assassins attack! The adventurer’s with none of their stuff, are made to defend the two brothers on the airship platform against multiple attackers! However, the group prevails and prevents Nysir, from dying.

After the failed attempt on Nysir’s life during the Airship festival, the Al’Hakkam Trade Family and Consortium are worried. Someone paid good coin to the three assassins on the airship platform and place them within reach of one of the Heirs to one of the most powerful trade families in all of the Alzami empire. What could possibly happen at the Grande Fete?

Not Out of the Woods Yet
Tea is only for the strange... and the dead.

The adventurer’s have stopped the plague at Castlebury, but when they are coming back, they inadvertently wind up in the clutches of the creatures of an Evil Druid! A mad Tea Party captivates the group as they are passing by. A table, sat by at least twenty people are having a party in the middle of a copse of trees. Upon investigating, the Paladin finds out that they are all dead, seated that they are all posed and as she goes back to inform the party, she is attacked by Assassin Vines! In an effort to help, the Barbarian sets the forest ablaze to destroy them and lure out other evil creatures – and do they ever! A tense battle takes place between the adventurers and a couple of Grimstalkers; fierce evil summoned fey creatures that have their awful sights and making the band of adventurer’s a part of the dead tea party that is seated around the clearing! After dispatching the Grimstalkers, they put out the fire and the mage goes to inspect a large leafless tree when the tree attacks him as well! What turns out to be a Scythetree winds up being a nasty opponent as they find out that the tree is what the Grimstalkers are feeding the humans to! Upon finally dispatching the tree after a tough fight, the adventurers loot the area and head back to the Main capitol city of Razjin. With the brands burning on Miniri and Elrohir – is Madaagonn next in line for a visit?

Lost in the Woods
It's necromancy, not neck-romancing in the dark...

The woods are dark and full of terrors… or at least that is what happens to the adventurers as they are wandering the woods. Miniri gets lost, but is shown the way to a small place in the woods where they might find the other ingredients. A small place in the woods that seemed to be a a ruin, but was not. In fact, it was the small house of an old druidess who lived int eh woods by the name of Matoya. The adventurer’s wind up getting their last ingredient, but not before they wind up fighting two undead owlbears. The battle is hard fought and well won, and Matoya, in her younger form it seems, allows them access to the Moonlight Garden that is hiding within her home. They get the supplies they need for the cure that Priest Alveris knows he can make. The adventurer’s rush back.

Upon arriving back at the Abbey, the adventurers are tired.The day is still not saved yet as they must create the elixir to save those who are dying. However, there is one person who is not spoken of by the others. a young man who is on a cot by himself in the far edge of the vestry of the Abbey. No one is willing to talk about the person except for the Abbess herself. It turns out that the man is an actual mage – A Chaos Mage, not wizard. While searching though his stuff, Elrohir finds two scrolls. Elrohir and Selene get into an argument, and while doing so, Elrohir opens the scrolls and destroys them. The party fractures for the night, and yet trouble still ensues.

The Mage wakes up and demands to know who went through his stuff. Upon trying to tell him, Miniri by accident says the wrong name. A calamity of errors occurs, and as a result, Elrohir and Miniri are branded by the Mage before he falls to dust.

Journey to the Abbey at Castlebury
Magical traps are for thieves...

After ariving at the small temple cloistter to the Goddess of Healing, it was discovered that the strange disease had turned into a plauge and was also causing people to bleed black from their pores. The adventurer’s were sent form Castlebury Abbey with a thought in mind that they needed to find some ingreedients that were there. With these ingredients, they would be able to get whatever plauge was aflicting the residents of the Abbey and the surrounding town under control. Off toweards the Upper Forest of the Annar they headed. While camping on the side of the forest, they seem to wind up dealing with a mischevious tree spirit.

Continuing to hunt in the forest, there was a little hut that they found that appeared to be abandoned. When Miniri tried to pick up a magical item from the hut though, a magical pestle attacked the group. A hard fought battle was won in teh end though, the magical item was distroyed. They left the hut immediately once they had pillaged the cupboards of what was left.

They realized that they did not have everything, so they continued to search for the parts that they might need. They went searching for spiders. It did not take long to find them. A large Black Widow and her brood were making their nest in the forest. Clearing them out, they had another ingredient…

… but what else happens within the woods?

A Whole New "Guild" World
That's why they invented the adventure board...

The adventurer’s had earned their stripes in their first ever adventure, and even received their adventure book chits. Returning to the Guild, they take a week off, so that they can rest, relax, and retrain themselves.

Looking for another adventure though, Miniri winds up meeting an Abbess of a temple cloister of Lirax located in Castlebury. The Abbess is looking for people to help her find another priest – a more salacious priest of the Valkirya of Pain – Lovintar. Priest Alveris is everything one would expect to find (Except for the part where he used to be a priest of the Healing Goddess), but going to the local temple to the Goddess of Healing, nets them supplies to take back to Castlebury to combat what sounds like a vicious plauged disease – sweats, chills, forgetfullness, and what sounds like people never waking up once they go to sleep. Agreeing to a sum of money (which the abbess was not inclined to discuss, which made the Fighter unhappy), they eventually get money from the Main Temple.

They leave through the East gate and head towards Caslebury. On the way, they fight Boars, and strangely enough, Owlbears. The owlbears are strangely subdued, but they slaughter them anyways.

They continue on towards the Abbey of Lirax… What could they find next?

The Adventure Continues...
Diplomacy can't help you now...

Kobolds appear to be a problem within the dungeons of Asad that the adventurer’s try to reason with (only partially successful) but sadly, it falls through as the newly found group is not cohesive enough to pull it off. Kobold, more than they were expecting, pour through the small area – The Cult of the Flame as it were – and at the insistence of a strange and gray-skinned oracle, attack the adventurers. They manage to gather the pollen of the flowers that they need and escape with their lives intact.

Upon reaching the city of Razjin once more, they give the supplies to the sage Saphire, and he looks into the object they bring. When he does so, he in horror tells the group that they have in effect found a terrorist weapon which he will be having transported out into the Chaos Planes, just beyond the city of Vox. He pays them handsomely and tells them that they should find something else to do. He gives them a chit for the Guild.

The First Adventure on the Books
Asad's Keep - Hope we don't die...

The adventurers are having an arduous time inside of the crumbled fort of Asad. The adventurer’s discover that there must be more than one well within the ruin as the well that the Ghoul Maurit leads them too is imbued with a Haunt! The Haunt fills some of the adventurer’s with despair, causing them to throw themselves into the well. Finally, the Paladin smites the well and they bury the body they discover at the bottom to give it rest. A full eight day goes by as they rest again to go back into the crumbling ruins to find what the Saphire Sage has sent them for.

In the interim of healing up the thief, the Barbarian and the Bard go back into the ruins to see if they can find the well while the other well (or could it be because the Bard was bored?). Maurit takes this moment to attack the Bard as he is attacked by a skeleton and try to savage him. The Bard barely escapes, but the Barbarian uses his powers of skin-shifting and destroys the ghoul once and for all. They head back out for healing, the Barbarian princess carrying the unconscious Bard back outside. The Paladin and the Fighter are annoyed at the fact that they seem more of a Medic team for the college of Healers than the fighters they are purported to be.

Heading back in a third time, they find the Aspect of Water, which is also as broken as the Aspect of Air. Upon setting it off, they wind up startling a Blindheim which attacks them as well. They kill it, but what else might be waiting for them within the tunnels and rooms as they search for the ingredients for Saphire?

Steering Fate
Why you gotta test me all the time?

The adventurer’s return Sceithu’s statue only to find that it is an actual Black cat, the child is actually a child. They also meet with Piper, a 13 year old girl who happens to be the High Preistess of Sceithu. She offers them help if they ever come to the temple in small healing.

They had found a Blue Vial that seemed to glow strangely in the Cassinian Doppelganger’s treasure with the cat statue. They head towards the temple of Mystheria to find someone there. They instead head into the Knowledge district to meet with the sage Saphire.

After meeting with the “Saphire Sage”, the adventurers are told to find a specific herb in order to figure out what is going on with a glowing blue vial (provides pale light up to ten feet – low light, just for reference). They are told that they can find some of the plant for the needed ingredients over at an abandoned outpost on the Phexian Bay. He says he can give them a map to find it, but they would have to get the map themselves from a test room. He sends them to a testing room, in which they go through some small traps and trials before they get the map.

Other people also would like to see what is going on though ( The Merchant Prince Aaquir al’Hakam ) and meet with the adventurers to ask them to look into finding trade agreements that might still be within the walls (SIDE QUEST!)

As is the reality, the greatness of the Saphire Sage has three secretaries – Tiffany , Tiffani, and Tifini; who all pool money together in order to allow the adventures to become a part of the Adventurer’s Guild. This would be considered the first Adventure on the books and allow them to gain prestige, as well as services through the guild.

Upon reaching the abandoned Alazami defense post, they meet another Guild member who is in between transformation to a ghoul. She has offered to help them (she’s a little like Gollum…) to the best of her abilities.

The Quickfingers Taverna
When drinking isn't enough...

With the discovery of a strange doppelganger having stolen the statue that the child god Scaithu needed, the adventurer’s get it back with some tough thinking and a fight. Defeating the family – which turned out to be the same person – they retrieve the statue and hopefully decide to return it back to Scaithu in order for the much promised reward…


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