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The Adventure Continues...
Diplomacy can't help you now...

Kobolds appear to be a problem within the dungeons of Asad that the adventurer’s try to reason with (only partially successful) but sadly, it falls through as the newly found group is not cohesive enough to pull it off. Kobold, more than they were expecting, pour through the small area – The Cult of the Flame as it were – and at the insistence of a strange and gray-skinned oracle, attack the adventurers. They manage to gather the pollen of the flowers that they need and escape with their lives intact.

Upon reaching the city of Razjin once more, they give the supplies to the sage Saphire, and he looks into the object they bring. When he does so, he in horror tells the group that they have in effect found a terrorist weapon which he will be having transported out into the Chaos Planes, just beyond the city of Vox. He pays them handsomely and tells them that they should find something else to do. He gives them a chit for the Guild.

The First Adventure on the Books
Asad's Keep - Hope we don't die...

The adventurers are having an arduous time inside of the crumbled fort of Asad. The adventurer’s discover that there must be more than one well within the ruin as the well that the Ghoul Maurit leads them too is imbued with a Haunt! The Haunt fills some of the adventurer’s with despair, causing them to throw themselves into the well. Finally, the Paladin smites the well and they bury the body they discover at the bottom to give it rest. A full eight day goes by as they rest again to go back into the crumbling ruins to find what the Saphire Sage has sent them for.

In the interim of healing up the thief, the Barbarian and the Bard go back into the ruins to see if they can find the well while the other well (or could it be because the Bard was bored?). Maurit takes this moment to attack the Bard as he is attacked by a skeleton and try to savage him. The Bard barely escapes, but the Barbarian uses his powers of skin-shifting and destroys the ghoul once and for all. They head back out for healing, the Barbarian princess carrying the unconscious Bard back outside. The Paladin and the Fighter are annoyed at the fact that they seem more of a Medic team for the college of Healers than the fighters they are purported to be.

Heading back in a third time, they find the Aspect of Water, which is also as broken as the Aspect of Air. Upon setting it off, they wind up startling a Blindheim which attacks them as well. They kill it, but what else might be waiting for them within the tunnels and rooms as they search for the ingredients for Saphire?

Steering Fate
Why you gotta test me all the time?

The adventurer’s return Sceithu’s statue only to find that it is an actual Black cat, the child is actually a child. They also meet with Piper, a 13 year old girl who happens to be the High Preistess of Sceithu. She offers them help if they ever come to the temple in small healing.

They had found a Blue Vial that seemed to glow strangely in the Cassinian Doppelganger’s treasure with the cat statue. They head towards the temple of Mystheria to find someone there. They instead head into the Knowledge district to meet with the sage Saphire.

After meeting with the “Saphire Sage”, the adventurers are told to find a specific herb in order to figure out what is going on with a glowing blue vial (provides pale light up to ten feet – low light, just for reference). They are told that they can find some of the plant for the needed ingredients over at an abandoned outpost on the Phexian Bay. He says he can give them a map to find it, but they would have to get the map themselves from a test room. He sends them to a testing room, in which they go through some small traps and trials before they get the map.

Other people also would like to see what is going on though ( The Merchant Prince Aaquir al’Hakam ) and meet with the adventurers to ask them to look into finding trade agreements that might still be within the walls (SIDE QUEST!)

As is the reality, the greatness of the Saphire Sage has three secretaries – Tiffany , Tiffani, and Tifini; who all pool money together in order to allow the adventures to become a part of the Adventurer’s Guild. This would be considered the first Adventure on the books and allow them to gain prestige, as well as services through the guild.

Upon reaching the abandoned Alazami defense post, they meet another Guild member who is in between transformation to a ghoul. She has offered to help them (she’s a little like Gollum…) to the best of her abilities.

The Quickfingers Taverna
When drinking isn't enough...

With the discovery of a strange doppelganger having stolen the statue that the child god Scaithu needed, the adventurer’s get it back with some tough thinking and a fight. Defeating the family – which turned out to be the same person – they retrieve the statue and hopefully decide to return it back to Scaithu in order for the much promised reward…

A Grand New Adventure
When things always go wrong...

AFTER having their belongings stolen by children on the Via del Dios, adventurers follow the miscreants to a shabby temple to Scaithu – The God of Walking Silently – who is usually only called upon by drunken men when they arrive home late at night. Upon the return of their belongings, he asks if they would be willing to help him recover his Herald, a black statue of a cat. The only thing he seems to know is that the miscreants went off to the Tavern after stealing things from him…

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