The Nexus of All Worlds

The First Adventure on the Books

Asad's Keep - Hope we don't die...

The adventurers are having an arduous time inside of the crumbled fort of Asad. The adventurer’s discover that there must be more than one well within the ruin as the well that the Ghoul Maurit leads them too is imbued with a Haunt! The Haunt fills some of the adventurer’s with despair, causing them to throw themselves into the well. Finally, the Paladin smites the well and they bury the body they discover at the bottom to give it rest. A full eight day goes by as they rest again to go back into the crumbling ruins to find what the Saphire Sage has sent them for.

In the interim of healing up the thief, the Barbarian and the Bard go back into the ruins to see if they can find the well while the other well (or could it be because the Bard was bored?). Maurit takes this moment to attack the Bard as he is attacked by a skeleton and try to savage him. The Bard barely escapes, but the Barbarian uses his powers of skin-shifting and destroys the ghoul once and for all. They head back out for healing, the Barbarian princess carrying the unconscious Bard back outside. The Paladin and the Fighter are annoyed at the fact that they seem more of a Medic team for the college of Healers than the fighters they are purported to be.

Heading back in a third time, they find the Aspect of Water, which is also as broken as the Aspect of Air. Upon setting it off, they wind up startling a Blindheim which attacks them as well. They kill it, but what else might be waiting for them within the tunnels and rooms as they search for the ingredients for Saphire?



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