The Nexus of All Worlds

The Adventure Continues...

Diplomacy can't help you now...

Kobolds appear to be a problem within the dungeons of Asad that the adventurer’s try to reason with (only partially successful) but sadly, it falls through as the newly found group is not cohesive enough to pull it off. Kobold, more than they were expecting, pour through the small area – The Cult of the Flame as it were – and at the insistence of a strange and gray-skinned oracle, attack the adventurers. They manage to gather the pollen of the flowers that they need and escape with their lives intact.

Upon reaching the city of Razjin once more, they give the supplies to the sage Saphire, and he looks into the object they bring. When he does so, he in horror tells the group that they have in effect found a terrorist weapon which he will be having transported out into the Chaos Planes, just beyond the city of Vox. He pays them handsomely and tells them that they should find something else to do. He gives them a chit for the Guild.



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