The Nexus of All Worlds

Lost in the Woods

It's necromancy, not neck-romancing in the dark...

The woods are dark and full of terrors… or at least that is what happens to the adventurers as they are wandering the woods. Miniri gets lost, but is shown the way to a small place in the woods where they might find the other ingredients. A small place in the woods that seemed to be a a ruin, but was not. In fact, it was the small house of an old druidess who lived int eh woods by the name of Matoya. The adventurer’s wind up getting their last ingredient, but not before they wind up fighting two undead owlbears. The battle is hard fought and well won, and Matoya, in her younger form it seems, allows them access to the Moonlight Garden that is hiding within her home. They get the supplies they need for the cure that Priest Alveris knows he can make. The adventurer’s rush back.

Upon arriving back at the Abbey, the adventurers are tired.The day is still not saved yet as they must create the elixir to save those who are dying. However, there is one person who is not spoken of by the others. a young man who is on a cot by himself in the far edge of the vestry of the Abbey. No one is willing to talk about the person except for the Abbess herself. It turns out that the man is an actual mage – A Chaos Mage, not wizard. While searching though his stuff, Elrohir finds two scrolls. Elrohir and Selene get into an argument, and while doing so, Elrohir opens the scrolls and destroys them. The party fractures for the night, and yet trouble still ensues.

The Mage wakes up and demands to know who went through his stuff. Upon trying to tell him, Miniri by accident says the wrong name. A calamity of errors occurs, and as a result, Elrohir and Miniri are branded by the Mage before he falls to dust.



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